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About the app

Welcome! Beadographer is a fun way to create and share beading designs. It is simple to use, but has a lot of powerful features, too.

First time here? Watch our 1 minute video to see what Beadographer can do.

What beads are included?

Currently, you can design projects with round beads, cylinder beads, and fuse beads.

The app includes a library of seed beads (from Miyuki and TOHO) and fuse beads (from Artkal, Hama, and Perler). We hope to expand these options even more in the future.

How to launch the app

You can start Beadographer by clicking on the Launch App button on the home page.

System requirements

The app is developed for Windows, Mac OS X, and iPad. You may encounter errors when trying to use it on a different device. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome with Beadographer on Windows and OS X, and Safari for iPad.

About us

Beadographer is made by beaders for beaders. We are a husband and wife team from Connecticut, USA. Will Minter writes the software, and Leah Russell runs the website and social media. We are so excited to share this tool with you and can't wait to see what you create!


Facebook group

Our Facebook group is a friendly place to share your designs with others. We also share tips and updates to this group. Anyone can join: you don't have to be a Beadographer member. Join here.


Follow us on Instagram to see when we publish new patterns to the library or updates to the software. Our Instagram.


Our Youtube channel shows tutorials and tips for using Beadographer. Our Youtube channel.

Comments and questions

We're always excited to answer questions and hear your feedback. The best way to get in touch is by using this form. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Future development

There are many features we want to add to Beadographer: more brands, sizes, and shapes of beads; more patterns; and integration with platforms such as Google Drive... With your support, we can make Beadographer better. If you enjoy Beadographer, please consider becoming a member.

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Beadographer has a free version and a membership version. The free version is truly free: it is available without logging in or providing any personal information. It gives you full use of all the design tools of Beadographer.

The membership version brings several important benefits, including managing your project files and using our library of designs and templates. See full details in the table below.

Thank you to all our members! Your membership helps keep Beadographer available to everyone. It supports active development and improvement of the app.

Features Free Membership
Make your own designs with all the tools
Browse thousands of bead products
Use beading mode to create your design
Convert an image into beads
Export images of your designs
Load and save your designs
Load and save your palettes
Share design files with other people
Use hundreds of designs from the library

Become a member

Membership costs only $6.99 a year.

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Share to the library

If you want to share your design with other Beadographer users through our library, you can email the design file to designs (at) beadographer.com, along with a description of the design and the name it should be attributed to. (Only original designs can be shared.) We are developing a way to share automatically that will be available soon.

Bugs and suggestions

If something is not working on your device, or if you have a feature request, please write about it here.

Technical information

This app is built on the following javascript libraries:

Legal and Privacy

Copyright FAQ and our privacy policy can be found here.

Our terms of service for membership can be found here.