How to Refresh

Can’t see the latest version of Beadographer? Don’t panic, here’s what you need to do.

From the Beadographer homepage, click “Launch App”. Then after the app has loaded, do the following:

Mac OS X:

Firefox: Press cmd + shift + R

Chrome: Press cmd + shift + R

Safari: Press option (alt) + cmd + E


Firefox: Press ctrl + shift + R

Chrome: Press ctrl + F5

Edge: Press ctrl + F5

iPad (Safari 13.1 only)

There is currently no way to clear the cache in iPad without losing all of your saved Beadographer files. Currently the only work around is to download all of your files, then clear the cache, then upload the files again.

(1) In the “my projects” file browser, click on a file you want to save, then click the “Download” button, then click “Download” in the prompt that comes up. Repeat this for every file you want to save.

(2) On your iPad, go to Settings -> Safari -> Clear History and Website Data. This will delete all of your saved work, so make sure you backed everything up, as above.

(3) Now load again, and you should see the latest version. If you want to work on a file that you downloaded, go to “my projects” and click “upload”. You should be able to find the file under “Downloads.”