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Beadographer has a free version and a membership version. The free version is truly free: it is available without logging in or providing any personal information. It gives you full use of all the design tools of Beadographer.

The membership version brings several important benefits, including managing your project files and using our Pattern Library of designs and templates. See full details in the table below.

Thank you to all our members! Your membership helps keep Beadographer available to everyone. It supports active development and improvement of the app, as well as customer support.

Features Free Membership
Make your own designs with all the tools
Browse thousands of bead products
Use beading mode to create your design
Convert an image into beads
Export screenshot of your designs
Load and save your designs
Change the size of your designs
Load and save your palettes
Share design files with other people
Use all the patterns from our Pattern Library

Sharing designs

There are two methods for sharing designs as a paid member. Firstly, you can export a PDF. PDF files may include word charts, bead lists, color charts, photos of the project, project specs, your logo, and any other information you’d like to add. The second method of sharing is to generate a project code, which can then be shared with another Beadographer member. With a project code, you can launch the pattern in the app and edit it to suit your needs.

Become a member

Membership costs only $6.99 USD a year.

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Membership FAQ

What happens if my membership expires?

When your membership expires, you will no longer be able to open the membership version of Beadographer. This means you will not be able to browse or open your projects with Beadographer. However, your projects will remain saved in your browser as long as you don't clear your offline data in the browser settings. So if you renew after your membership expires, your projects will still be visible. You can also download PDFs of all your projects before your membership expires.

How do I renew membership?

When you log in, you should see a "renew" button. When you renew, your membership will be extended for a year. If you renewed after your membership expired, your membership will start immediately and last for one year.

How do I download my projects?

There are three ways:

I can't register

I can't log in

I can't see my projects

When I input my project code, it loads an older version of the file.

Saving the project to the cloud with get project code makes a copy of the project. It is a snapshot of the project at that point in time. If you then make changes to the file, the changes will not be applied to the copy of the file in the cloud. In other words, changes are not synchronized. So, if you want to share a later version of the same project, you will need to generate a new project code.

How do I transfer my design to another device or browser?